S-21 Prison, Cambodia

A Sobering Visit to the Phnom Penh Killing Fields

You don’t see many old people in Cambodia. If you do, you have to wonder about the life they lead.

Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime were responsible for the murder of an estimated 2,400,000 people – which equates to 33% of the total population of Cambodia – with countless more being killed through starvation and sickness between the years of 1975 and 1979. And to be honest, much of the world know little about it. (more…)

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Singapore: More Than Just A One Night Stand

Many people criticise Singapore for not being a true representation of Asia, having such a strong western influence, but I don’t think it’s trying to be. It’s an extremely successful and varied hub for world commerce with lots of Asian flavours thrown in. For a backpacker it’s an easy, adjustable starting point for a trip around Asia.

The main tourist areas of Singapore are split into precincts, making it really easy to navigate the city. You have; Arab street, Chinatown, Little India, Marina Bay and Orchard Road. (more…)

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Queenstown, NZ: Exploring the Adventure Capital of the World

Who could get bored of breathtaking and adventurous Queenstown? Full of stunning scenery, a huge range of activities and a World-renowned warm welcome make it New Zealand’s favourite visitor destination.

Queenstown’s beauty is down to being surrounded by the soaring indigo heights of the Remarkables and framed by the meandering coves of Lake Wakatipu. We had a blast here and in the nearby towns which make for unforgettable day trips. (more…)

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