Why We Didn’t Buy Our RTW Tickets with STA Travel

Due to the nature of our trip and how much of an organised control freak I am, we knew we wanted to get a round the world ticket. We have tight deadlines to keep to meaning that all our flights are pretty much finalised, so rather than buy flights as we went we wanted to have them all booked and sorted (we will let you know whether or not this was a good idea once we have done it!). (more…)

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A Guide to Getting Travel Vaccinations in the UK

I did a lot of research about travel vaccinations and I thought I was pretty clued up on what I needed, when I needed it by and how much it would cost. Although it is important to research your visiting destinations and the health risks, I would say that this is one of those things that you can’t rely on the internet for and you should always seek advice from your doctor. (more…)

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