Watching The World Go By In Cali, Colombia

Cali is widely accepted as the salsa capital of the World, but it still remains slightly off the normal tourist route in the country due to the distance from Bogota and the popular Caribbean coast. However, the city is well worth a few days of your time regardless of whether you enjoy salsa or not.

We spent the majority of our time just watching the World go by. Cali has so much life and excitement it’s hard not to get sucked into the flamboyant, hedonistic way of life. Here are a few of our finds:

imageSouth Americans love their Cola, we love their delivery vans.

imageColourful streets in Barrio San Antonio

imageLots of catues to be found.

imageJust a public bus, nothing to see here.

imageJust a smaller public bus, nothing to see here.

imageAfro-Caribbean Culture floods the streets

imageLocal dish; fish, rice, plantain and what they call a ‘salad’.

imageAmazing street food. Empanadas, on this occasion.

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Sarah has a thing for maps, so one of her favourite holiday pass-times is exploring a new city. Give her food and beer (and a map) and she'll be happy.

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