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Visit Cuenca’s Wednesday Market For Much More Than Grocery Shopping

We’ve been to our fair share of markets in South America, but the Wednesday market in Cuenca, Ecuador, is definitely our favourite.

We were taken on a tour of the market by our hostel, who offer the trip every Wednesday -this is the livliest day for the market as the outdoor section is much bigger on a Wednesday. We have been to so many amazing markets in South America but were looking forward to going with someone who could show us around and answer any questions we had about the different things being sold.

Below is a photo essay of some of the things we found…

imageThe fish market offers produce at a fraction of the price you can get it for in town and in the supermarkets. It is brought in every day from Guayaquil.

imageDefinitely go to the market when you are feeling peckish…they roast entire pigs and sell portions for a small sum.

imageWe picked up some tasty crabs to cook for dinner and they were still moving! Now that’s fresh.

imageMany stalls are selling brightly coloured candy, which they let you sample!

imageThe fruit and veg is all displayed and packaged really creatively. The colours are so vibrant.

imageLiterally everything is for sale…even things you didn’t even know you needed ;)

imageThey make these cheeses in woven bowls which gives the balls of cheese this texture.

imageThere is a live animal section at the market. These ones are to buy and eat…

image…but luckily some are for sale as pets.

imageThe inside section of the market houses many spices and sells a wide variety of things from juices to haircuts!

imageAfter a fantastic morning we headed back to the hostel to prepare our dinner and spend some chill time with the hostal dog, Vincent.



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